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Harmonious/Alienated: An Eric Bogosian Fansite

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April 15th

defy_n_gravity @ 08:08 pm: a different view...
A characature as drawn by Max Kornell, featured in LA Weekly at some time or another.

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January 8th

polkadotsnplaid @ 08:16 pm: Bogosian cameos in WGA strike support video/spoof
This is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. Applause to the stars of Law & Order: CI & SVU (Chris Noth, Kathryn Erbe, Eric Bogosian and B.D. Wong, along with former cast member Dean Winters) along with stars of Homicide: Life on the Street (Peter Gerety and Zeljko Ivanek) for starring in "Murder Unscripted" -- a HILARIOUS strike-support video.

See the video HERE at crime_doesntpay, the blog that is devoted to bringing you all the information on the WGA strike as it relates to the Law & Order franchise! Join and show your Law & Order franchise writers that you support them!

December 19th

polkadotsnplaid @ 12:48 pm: Bogosian and Noth support writers at "Scene of the Crime" rally
Thank you to vdovault, who originally posted this in wga_supporters.

Criminal Intent stars Chris Noth and Eric Bogosian were at the New York City site of a coast-to-coast Scene of the Crime rally, supporting the Writers' Guild of America strike.

And from Hollywood Labor -- Longtime L&O writer/producer Rene Balcer read a "bill of indictment" against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) outside AMPTP headquarters near Los Angeles. Afterward, the "criminal writers division" declared the AMPTP HQ a "crime scene" and cordoned them off with crime scene tape.

Images and Video under the cut.

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Cross-posted to mike_logan_3728, ericbogosian and crim_int_fans.


December 11th

liten_sam @ 08:07 pm: Icons from Blade: Trinity
A couple of icons from Blade: Trinity thanks to the caps posted by dying_dreams

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Credit & Comments = LOVE!

Cross-posted: ci_graphics, ericbogosian

dying_dreams @ 01:24 am: Eric Bogosian in "Blade Trinity" (2004).
I made 38 screencaps of Eric in the 2004 film "Blade: Trinity." If you're interested in viewing examples and/or downloading them, then this is the place to go. :)

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December 9th

defy_n_gravity @ 11:32 pm: Perks of the Picket Line
So yea, just now occurred to me I never shared this.

liten_sam @ 07:55 pm: Danny Ross Fanfiction?
Does anyone know of any fanfics revolving around our curly MCS captain?

December 8th

polkadotsnplaid @ 08:57 pm: 25 icons of Bogosian in 'Dolores Claiborne'
25 Eric Bogosian icons from the movie Dolores Claiborne.
-Please comment if taking any (or if you like them!)
-Credit is a must!
-No hotlinking!
-Textless icons are not bases, but I will customize upon request.
-Screencaps courtesy of dying_dreams.


Icons can be found here, at my creative journal.

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December 7th

dying_dreams @ 04:21 pm: Eric Bogosian as seen in "Dolores Claiborne" (1995).
4 screencaps under the LJ-cut for you. They were taken by myself and the only editing I did was cutting away the black bars and converting the format from .bitmap to .jpeg. :)

Eric's character was a bit of a jerk, but phew, did he look adorable! <3

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Liked what you saw? Then, if you want, you can download the total of 47 screencaps that I made. I put them in an archive called "doloresclaiborne.rar" (22.14 MB) and they are unaltered save for their format (they were originally saved in .bitmap, so I converted them to .png).

You can get 'em here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GAA9A9PX

I would appreciate it if you left a comment here, so that I know who has been downloading it. Thank you very much in advance. :)

Have fun! :)

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dying_dreams @ 04:13 pm: Eric Bogosian as seen in "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" (2003).
9 screencaps under the LJ-cut for you. They were taken by myself and the only editing I did was cutting away the black bars and converting the format from .bitmap to .jpeg. :)

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Personally, I was disappointed to find that Eric could only be seen as a dead body in this film (and in such an annoying and cheap environment as well). But at least I got one good screencap out of it: a picture within a picture. :)

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